Duncan Redman

My purpose is to help the owners & leaders of micro-businesses dare to dream again by inspiring the confidence to achieve their dreams.

I believe business is conducted in two places being the HEAD and the HEART. The HEAD is all about the practical hands-on actions that occur inside a business. The HEART is about the passion belief and commitment the business owners & leaders bring to the business. It is only when HEAD and HEART are working together does the business maximise its chances to achieve success. 

However, what can happen is as a business starts making positive gains, the HEAD and the HEART separate. At this point, the HEAD may start to dominate and take the business in a direction different from where the HEART of the business owners & leaders wants to go. Once the connection is broken and the HEAD dominates, the business owners & leaders will start to “fall out of love” with the business.

As a Business Coach & Mentor, I inspire business owners & leaders to have confidence in their abilities to re-connect HEART with HEAD for where the HEART goes the HEAD will always follow. 

"I live and breathe the challenges faced by the owners & leaders of micro-businesses with big dreams and tight budgets."

I am a Chartered Accountant, having worked with leading accountancy firms in Adelaide, Hong Kong, London & Sydney.

I subsequently worked in senior management roles across a range of dynamic and complex organisations in both the commercial and not-for-profit sectors. In addition, I served with distinction on the Boards of not-for-profit organisations.

To gain further insights into how businesses function, I undertook additional studies in Human Resource Development. Since becoming a Business Coach & Mentor, I’ve worked with a wide range of businesses to successfully implement sustainable change to achieve the desired outcomes of their owners. 

How to become a successful mentor

Duncan Redman will be joining us to discuss why you need a mentor and how to become a successful mentor, this is by no coincidence as the big launch of the AIPP's Mentoring Marketplace will take place at Lenscape.